Give your child a musical ear from birth.

Listen to a sample

Give your child a musical ear from birth

Listen to a sample

bam, the educational musical box, bio-based and eco-friendly, that accompanies small children during their sleep by means of carefully chosen lullabies:

– Promotes musical awareness and love of music
– It stimulates easy learning of musical intervals
– And develops the ear’s sensitivity and sensibility.

By repeatedly listening to high quality music imprinted into the auditory memory, bam opens your child’s ear to real musical skills.

Each of the six selected songs represents an interval of the major scale:

Major Second
“Frere Jacques”

 Major 3rd
“By the Fountain”

Perfect Fourth
“Someday, my prince will come”
(F. Churchill)

Perfect Fifth
“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”
(W.A. Mozart)

Major Sixth
“Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2”
(F. Chopin)

Octave and Seventh
“Etude Op. 60, No. 2”
(M. Carcassi)

Listen to a sample

Stimulation of cognitive skill

According to scientists, the most extraordinary window for learning music is between the birth and the beginnings of spoken language.

With bam, finally an educational music box that respects and takes care of your children’s hearing!

Listen to a sample

bam plays at a low volume to protect baby’s hearing and encourages the discovery of music taking care to provide accurate tuning and a high quality and subtlety of tone.

bam promotes relaxation and rapidly inducess sleep.

bam is intended to be used at a very young age by the child itself, activating one of the 6 songs for a period of 2 minutes (the 6 songs play in random order).

Short press: 1 melody. Press until you hear the music: 3 melodies.

bam will turn off by itself. It requires 1h45min of charge for about 1 month of use (approx. 6 songs per day).

bam functions without electro-magnetic waves.

bam was arranged by a professional musician-teacher, the harmonies and arrangements are contemporary.

bam is designed and produced in Switzerland by BAMP using high quality traditional craftsmanship.

bam is made of sustainably-sourced materials; it functions without electro-magnetic waves and is certified according to CE standards.

bam is manufactured without fossil materials, entirely based on bio-sourced materials and certified according to CE.

Battery charging and operation

The battery has an autonomy of approximately 200 melodies and recharging takes 1h45 hours to reach 100%.

bam can be recharged in two ways: 

• By connecting the USB-B cable (included) to a class II
5V-0.5A USB power adapter (not included).
• By connecting bam to a computer using the supplie
USB-B cable.

When the red LED flashes, the battery is almost empty, need to be recharged. The red LED lights up while charging and lights up green when bam is 100% charged.


bam benefits from the legal warranty against any defect in material and workmanship under normal conditions of use for a period of 2 years.

Any return of a product under warranty must be subject to prior agreement, for this you can contact us by email bam(at) or via the page Contact.